Modern Slavery                                                                                                                                               Close

Scipion Capital Ltd, Scipion Capital (UK) Ltd, Scipion Capital LLP, Scipion Capital (Suisse) SA and their affiliates from time to time (the “Scipion Group”) takes combatting modern slavery and human traffic as a matter of utmost priority.

The Scipion Group’s business is operated by a highly skilled workforce and has a limited supply chain and, as a consequence, the Scipion Group considers that there is a low risk of slavery and human trafficking within its business itself when compared, for example, to businesses that manufacture and sell goods or otherwise engage in industrial processes.

The Scipion Group expects all third party providers to adhere to all applicable laws in conducting their businesses and to operate a fair and ethical workplace for their staff.

All of the relevant staff of the Scipion Group have been informed of the position of the Scipion Group with regarding to modern slavery and human trafficking and that they are aware of the requirements of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Crucially, and as a fundamental aspect of both the Scipion Group’s Environmental, Social and Impact funding and its general lending policy, the Scipion Group prohibits any entity to which funding is provided, together with their affiliates, from engaging in modern slavery and human trafficking. Furthermore, the Scipion Group encourages such entities both to operate a fair and ethical workplace for their staff and seek to procure that their respective third party providers do the same.

The Scipion Group reviews the application of its policy on modern slavery and human traffic on a regular basis with a view to maintain, and whenever possible increase, the effectiveness of such policy.