Scipion Advisory

Scipion Advisory

Advisory Overview

Scipion Capital (Suisse) SA acts as a stand-alone advisory business, working in parallel with the wider Scipion group of companies.

Scipion’s stand-alone advisory business provides tailored, unconflicted corporate finance advice to third parties. Scipion Advisory is focused on providing investors access to projects and sponsors access to finance and offtake partners.

Why Scipion Advisory?

Scipion’s long track record of investing in Africa sets it apart from other advisors – the result is an offering to clients that is based in a thorough understanding of the complexities on the continent, as well as the key success factors for profitability.

Scipion’s knowledge of the continent comprises a large and diversified network – from local traders, manufacturers and commercial banks to international trading houses, investors and law firms.

Scipion’s in-house expertise is made up of legal, financial, agricultural, technical and ESI skillsets borne out of years of focus on the African continent across a variety of sectors.

Services Provided

Investment Due Diligence

  • Market assessment — market size; competition; risk factors;
  • Company assessment — business plan; financial analysis; compliance;
  • Management assessment — integrity; competence.; skills gaps;
  • ESG assessment – Environmental, Social and Governance due diligence and performance monitoring.

Corporate Finance

  • Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Joint ventures;
  • Transaction services and legal advice pertaining to regulations;
  • Market assessment to assess viable candidates within value chain;
  • Facilitation of legal and regulatory guidance;
  • Post-merger integration and management on-boarding.

Deal Placement

  • Due diligence review and advising investees on readiness for investor engagement;
  • Capital raising and valuations;
  • Sovereign bond placement;
  • Negotiating and structuring equity and debt instruments on behalf of investees.

Post-investment Services And Corporate Turnarounds

  • Strategic advisory services for underperforming investments;
  • Structuring investment exits for investors;
  • Leveraging network to explore potential for mergers to turn around investment;
  • Board of directors participation.

Who Do We Work With?

Investment Facing

Scipion’s team have experience working for or with all of the entities listed below and leverage their network accordingly to suit:

Private Equity

Venture Capital

Commercial Banks


Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals

Development Finance Institutions and Impact Investors

Deal Facing

Scipion’s focus is placed heavily on, although not limited to, those sectors in which its investment history and its staff’s experience are deepest, as per the below:

Resources: Minerals and metals, oil and gas, renewables, etc

Infrastructure / Construction: Ports, railways, roads, real estate, etc

Services: Tourism, retail, finance incl. fintech and microfinance, etc.

Agriculture and agri-processing: arable, horticulture, textiles, etc

Manufacturing: FMCG, primary manufacturing, etc.


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