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Sector Coverage

Scipion finances firms working in the EMEA region (with a focus on Africa), although borrowers may be located globally. Applicants would be expected to have a proven track record to be considered by Scipion for financing.

Applicants who have an interest in obtaining funding should read the T&Cs below. If having read the T&Cs the Applicant wishes to continue then proceed to Form A and download and complete in full.

The completed form should be duly signed and emailed to:

Scipion Capital Ltd – Application A

Scipion Capital Ltd – Application B

Scipion Capital Ltd – Application C

Application Terms and Conditions

Scipion considers a wide range of sectors and commodities including agribusiness, foodstuffs and products, mining, metals and minerals, energy products, warehousing, building materials, freight and transport and other sectors.

Scipion follows the IFC Exclusion List (2007) (add hyperlink). In addition, the other sectors and commodities that Scipion will typically not finance include:

  • Perishable goods i.e. with less than 180-day shelf life
  • High value goods (including diamonds, some precious metals)
  • Tropical hardwoods
  • 3T minerals from conflict-affected and high risk areas without iTSCI certification
  • Ethanol for export
  • Products from endangered species

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