What we offer you

Scipion provides cross border private debt solutions and advisory services to finance the delivery, production and processing of non-perishable commodities. Facilities are asset backed and secured on the underlying commodities including metals, energies and softs, as well as other non-perishable bulk goods. The fund’s borrowers are typically medium sized companies and can be involved in different parts of the commodity supply chain and include miners, traders, agri-businesses and industrialists located within emerging markets and in major trading centres.

Our coverage

Scipion assesses import, export, pre-export, and intra-Africa finance transactions across the entire continent. Scipion’s team of analysts and compliance officials undertake ongoing reviews of geographical and geopolitical factors to maintain lists of countries where Scipion will or will not carry out business. These feed into Scipion’s in-house transaction credit scoring system.

Country coverage

Commodities Scipion can finance

Energies – gasoil, diesel, fuel oil, coke, etc.

Agro-inputs – fertiliser, seeds, urea, etc.

Grains – corn, millet, rice, pulses, etc.

Other agricultural products – cocoa, coffee, etc.

Edible oils – palm oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, etc.

Metals & Minerals – ferrous & non-ferrous metals, ore and concentrates

Building materials – bitumen, cement, etc.

Freight – freight finance (as part of the business)

Commodities Scipion does not finance

Perishable products – fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, flowers

Very high value goods – gold, diamonds

Others– ethanol, tropical wood, uranium

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