Free-trade within Africa

23 July 2020
Category: Business | Funds

Recent international economic shocks have shown that, even if international exports remain a key aspect of many African economies, enhanced intra-Africa trade will help Africa resist external global economic shocks.

As the population of Africa (and many of its nations’ GDPs) continues to rise, there is an increase in the size of markets within Africa for the sale of products / goods themselves created in Africa which should help nations move away from a purely “Out-of-Africa” export model.

Scipion Capital has deep knowledge of Africa and a long history of financing trades and goods cross-border, within Africa, which is not always a simple affair.

Such intra-Africa trade will be aided by 2019’s African Continental Free Trade Agreement and Wamkele Mene, the secretary-general of the African Continental Free Trade Area, noted that “If anything, this crisis has demonstrated the need for us to reconfigure our supply chains, to reconfigure our trade links and to establish regional value chains in Africa that will advance our own African industrial development capacity without completely disconnecting from the rest of the world.”