Scipion financing helps pioneering hybrid maize seed producer

10 November 2019
Category: Business | Funds

Scipion financing helps pioneering hybrid maize seed producer

Scipion’s Prinicpal Lindsey Clavel visited the district of Pandamatenga in North West Botswana last month alongside the company’s Chief Agronomist Cobus Campher.

Farmers in the district are using pioneering hybrid maize seeds, financed by Scipion, which are registered under the Water Efficiency Programme, an essential strategy for Botswana’s semi-arid climate. Maize is by far the most popular source of carbohydrate in Botswana. Demand exceeds 100,000MT per year as compared to the local production which on average is lower than 10,000MT per year. Local production of maize seed is pivotal in enabling the country to reduce this imbalance.

As Lindsey says: “Scipion’s financing has enabled these hugely exciting trials to be launched. The encouraging yields are not only very promising for Botswanan farmers and their communities, but also those in neighbouring countries such as Namibia and South Africa where similarly arid conditions also apply.”